"Whether bodies fly through the air in full company works or women move around each other slowly in duet, critics have noted that, “in all of Donna Scro’s pieces a recognizable human element surface wordlessly and goes straight to the heart.”
–Robert Johnson, Star Ledger



“Butt Rock…is a tribute to rock music that has some wonderfully observed elements. It is fun and, yes, ‘rocky’, and this showing – possibly due to most of the dancers having already performed beforehand – let the energy flow more freely than when previously seen.”
- Edinburgh Spotlight Magazine



"The dancers prove quickly that they are agile and full of both lines and strength. Physically difficult partnering happens swiftly and painlessly, with what seems to be no more effort than standing on their own legs, they are flipping one another over-head."

-Anne Mercurio, Explore Dance


"[Scro] plumbs the whole spectrum of human emotions — from the heights of elation to the depths of despair."

- Joan Finn, The Montclair Times


"...The pinnacle of technique in partnering..."

-The Edinburgh Press



"Brethren" [is] a dynamic piece for men exploring definitions of masculinity, power and vigor."

 - The Montclair Times



"An ambitious, intricate piece, the work allowed the many dancers in the Freespace company to exhibit their talents to the utmost"
- Nicolas Burns, Dance Insider



“Portrait, an engrossing examination of realistically recognizable relationships, showed…a synchronicity often missing in modern dance companies. Their athleticism is most impressive, with exceptionally soft landings, and lifts and jumps that really hide the work involved.” 
- Edinburgh Spotlight Magazine



"The Grid was...ingenious.  Scro looked sly performing this a veteran circus performer, risking all while she remains mysteriously poised."
-Matthew Oshinsky, The Star Ledger


“The duet, Namaste, also exemplified the rapport between dancers and included fascinating yoga based moves, including head and hand stands. In addition, among all this prowess in technique, there is a welcome feel of connected emotion and dancing from the heart.” 

- Edinburgh Spotlight Magazine

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